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Our novel effect-based product group glows red

Our novel Arxula adeninivorans test battery for the detection and quantifica

EUROTOX 2023 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

We have visited the 57th Congress of the European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology

Our Poster for 33rd SETAC

In our SETAC poster, we outlined the information for a sophisticated approach how to combine results from an Interlab

Interlaboratory trial for in vitro bioassays for the determination of hormonal activity

Our partner QuoData organizes the interlaboratory trial “Hormonal Effects” for users of effect-based in vitro bioassa

Interlaboratory study for effect-based in vitro methods

Our partner company QuoData provides an interlaboratory study for effect-based in vitro methods to detect est

ISO standardization of the A-YES

Since July 2018 the standardization process of our A-YES has been accomplished.

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