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Type of Test kits

Find out which type of test kit fits your need


Do you want to immediately start your experiment without needing to prepare extra material and reagents? All relevant solutions and consumables are included for working with one 96-well plate. Simply unpack and start your analysis!

Eco / Plus Test Kit

Is cost a concern, but you have consumables in stock and time to prepare reagents? For high demand and routine analysis, we offer eco test kits or plus test kits (only S-YESᴹᴰ). Benefit from this economical test kit variant containing only the relevant components.

Flexible choice of components

Do you need more or fewer than 96 tests and maximum flexibility for your experiments? Personalize the components of our test kits and the quantity according to your analysis design and time plan. Take advantage of the customized prices.

Product groups

Detection of
estrogenic effects

Detection of
androgenic effects

Detection of
progestogenic effects

Detection of estrogenic activity
mediated by means of bisphenols

Detection of
Ah-receptor mediated effects

Detection of
glucocorticoid effects

Detection of
mineralocorticoid effects

Detection of thyroid receptor mediated effects

Detection of retinoid X receptor mediated effects

Shipping destinations

Have look where our customers are located. We ship to almost every destination in the world.