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  • Plate Design
    The A-YES for extracts

    We are in progress to adopt the ISO standardized test A-YES for the handling of low sample volumes. In particular, extracts have limited volumes and require an assay that allows the use of small sample volumes. Therefore, we are testing different well shapes in the 96 well format for the yeast cell cultivation by using the 3D print prototyping to maintain the performance of the original A-YES. The new test version for 96 well plates should replace our µA-YES in future.

  • Coming soon - the A-YMS

    The A-YMS (Arxula-Yeast Mineralcorticoid Screen) for detecting mineralcorticoid activity in water is in development. Currently the screening and stabilization of promising A. adeninivorans transformants is in progress.

    Similar to our A. adeninivorans based tests, the A-YMS will be capable to detect mineralcorticoid activity in sea and brackish water, drinking or ground water as well as in wastewater and aquaeous extracts.


  •  Interlaboratory study for effect-based in vitro methods
    Interlaboratory study for effect-based in vitro methods

    Our partner company QuoData provides an interlaboratory study for effect-based in vitro methods to detect estrogenic activity. 

  • Our new test: The S-YESbasic

    Fast, simple and affordable. Our test from the family of the yeast based assays for the determination of estrogenic activity combines these three main attributes. Already after about four hours you can get a result of estrogenic activity of your samples. Depending on your test design, you can assess the estrogenic effects qualitatively or quantitatively.

    For detailed information please have a look on our product page: S-YESbasic

  • Publications

    Please find a summary of some publications of our tests

    Patterns of Estrogenic Activity in the Baltic Sea
    C. Deich – January 30th, 2019

    Hormonelle Aktivität in Wasser – Bestimmung hormoneller Aktivitäten in der aquatischen Umwelt mittels Arxula adeninivorans Hefezellenassays
    H. T. M. P. Pham - June 27th, 2018