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 Interlaboratory study for effect-based in vitro methods

Interlaboratory study for effect-based in vitro methods

Our partner company QuoData provides an interlaboratory study for effect-based in vitro methods to detect estrogenic activity. 

This is the first study within QuoData’s recent proficiency testing program for effect-based in vitro methods. Interested laboratories will have the opportunity to participate in further interlaboratory studies of QuoData’s EQA program for biotests in the future. This study is designed as an interlaboratory comparison exercise to provide information on comparability and reproducibility of the in vitro methods used and goes beyond the scope of a classical proficiency test. This interlaboratory comparison approach is therefore interesting for accredited and non-accredited laboratories.

 Within this study the following kind of samples will be analyzed:

  • a wastewater sample
  • an extract from a wastewater sample or surface water sample
  • a surface water sample
  • an extract from a personal care product

 The samples are spiked with a strong estrogenic substance in the range of about 2 to 50 ng/L or with a mixture of estrogenic preservatives. For the registration process and the submission of the results QuoData provides the EQA Biotests web portal.