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YES – we did it!

After the ISO 19040-2:2018 was published, we returned to the drawing board (after a brief stint of celebration though!).

The goal was straightforward –
How can we improve the testing and evaluation of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) present in aqueous samples?

After all the feedback we have received over the years from you all, combined with our in-house expertise, we develop a superior version of the yeast estrogen screen (YES).

This assay has been improved in three important ways:

  • Quick time to result – super fast results in as low as 6 hours.
  • User friendly – simple protocol to follow, without elaborate yeast culture and serial dilutions steps
  • Reliable results – completed in-house factorial validation to ensure reliability and reproducibility of the method along with equivalency to the ISO method.

Credit to our in-house R&D team, we now add a new member to our product family, and we are calling it Speed-YESMD.

YES, which stands for Yeast Estrogen Screen is an in-vitro method for detection of estrogen mimicking substances. Few versions of this method have been implemented as formal assays. Recently, this method was also prescribed into an ISO standard. In essence, this assay is popular as it provides integrated response of known and even unknown chemicals in the sample.

The Speed-YESMD version, heavily optimizes various steps, without affecting the sensitivity of the results, so that you can get the result in one working day, instead of 2-3 working days with the conventional YES. Check out technical specifications.