Analytical Services – Fast and Reliable

When time, equipment or resources aren’t on your side you can rely on outsourcing to new_diagnostics. We analyze various matrices on hormonal activity on your behalf, according to your specific requirements, saving you time and human resources.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible response to order fluctuations
  • Save time and human resources
  • Avoid sample preparation: we work with native samples
  • Individual consultation and experimental design tailored to your requirements
  • Get an overview of the hormonal activity in your samples
  • Comprehensive reporting: Receive statistically valid and accurate results in a report

We offer comprehensive analysis of the estrogenic, androgenic, progestogenic, and glucocorticoid activity in your samples, carried out at our laboratory in Dresden. All results are based on measurement methods validated specifically for your experiment. Our many years of experience working with our yeast-based tests help us respond precisely to our clients’ needs in regards to the experimental design and analysis.

The conclusive test results will be presented to you in an attractive and comprehensible report. In addition to the quantification of your samples, including the measurement uncertainty, you will also receive information on the quality and success of the analysis performed.

Take advantage of our years of experience and get in touch with us!

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