There are no limits to testing the estrogenic activity of environmental samples because there is no shortage of estrogen-like substances (ex. Bisphenol A) to investigate and no laws regulating their presence in water. This problem will be discussed at the level of the European Union with the hopes of introducing legislation addressing limits for estrogen-like substances in the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Their Environmental Quality Standards define policies for substances which pose a significant danger to the environment or human health. Putting such polices into action requires an efficient and reliable method of measuring the estrogenic activity of environmental samples. Since November 2010, the development of standardized methods for effect-related test methods for the detection of estrogens has been led by a DIN Working Group. new_diagnostics is an active member of this Working Group and our A- YES® kit for the detection of estrogenic substances in aqueous samples is accompanied by DIN standardization.  Our A-YES® test kit now also complies with the international ISO standard for the wastewater sector. After a long process of working through the individual stages of the ISO standardization process, a large scale international interlaboratory study took place from October to December 2015. We are currently evaluating the data from all of our participants in this A-YES® trial and are all very excited to see the results!