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In research and development, there is a need for flexible and powerful analytical methods that can be easily modified to suit a given objective. Detection of hormonally active substances is important in many scientific disciplines such as food chemistry, environmental and wastewater engineering, and marine biology.

In research institutions, our methods are easily adapted to your given circumstances. For example, if you are studying saltwater samples, the salinity will not affect our assay. If you are working in ecotoxicology, we have already taken into account environmental endocrine disruptors so that they will not affect your results. Moreover, our assay is easy to handle and requires minimal background knowledge.

The new_diagnostics test kits and analytical methods offer research facilities this flexibility; allowing scientists to focus on their experiment without worrying about confounding factors. Some of the benefits of using our method in research and development are:

  • Adaptable for use with various substances such as surface water, seawater, aqueous samples, drinking water, wastewater and many more
  • Easy-to-use and equipped with a comprehensive guide that is well suited for use in student internships

Our ready-to-use kits are well-suited for a variety of research studies in food, environment, bio-analytics, ecotoxicology, pharmacology, and analytical chemistry.

Continued development: new_diagnostics research and special offers for research and development

In addition to the continuous development and improvement of new_diagnostics products, we put great emphasis on the development of new methods and are always looking for new applications especially for use in research and development. If you are interested in a collaborative project, we are very happy to discuss it with you. Contact us!

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Arxula adeninivorans (Blastobotrys adeninivorans) — A Dimorphic Yeast of Great Biotechnological Potential_en

February 19th, 2009|Comments Off on Arxula adeninivorans (Blastobotrys adeninivorans) — A Dimorphic Yeast of Great Biotechnological Potential_en

Erik Böer, Gerhard Steinborn, Kristina Florschütz, Martina Körner, Gerd Gellissen, Gotthard Kunze The dimorphic ascomycetous yeast Arxula adeninivorans exhibits some unusual properties. Being a thermo- and halotolerant species it is able to assimilate and ferment many compounds as sole carbon [...]