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Hormonal substances – both natural and synthetic – are ubiquitous in the water cycle. The presence of these substances has various origins such as livestock production, the use of pesticides containing hormonally active substances and the use of contraceptive medications or cancer therapy.

In conventional wastewater treatment plants, there is insufficient reductive power to clear out hormonal substances and therefore most of these harmful substances pass through the purification unhindered and are fed back into the water cycle. In recent years, numerous methods for eliminating hormonally active substances have been developed and tested. By increasing the efficiency of eliminating trace amounts of hormonally active substances, their levels in the water cycle can be significantly reduced.  The study of waste water and surface water requires robust and flexible experimental methods that allow for simple and reliable determination of the hormonal effect of aqueous samples. Here at new_diagnostics, we have incorporated these qualities into our ready-to-use kits. Here are a few of the benefits of using our kits:

  • High tolerance against sample matrix effects (also applicable to saline process wastewater or sewage sludge)
  • Minimum technical laboratory requirements – our testing procedure can be used even in small labs
  • Our kits measure the entire hormonal effect of a sample and even capture hormonally active degradation and transformation products
  • Kits are compatible with aqueous extracts with a low amounts of the sample pretreatment content

new_diagnostics kits and methods are suitable for use in wastewater treatment plants, water analytics or environmental studies. Our kits can be used for example:

  • As a simple screening method for wastewater treatment before or during instrument analysis
  • For the direct evaluation of the performance of new methods and technologies for detection of hormonally active substances
  • For ongoing monitoring of trace substances in surface waters
  • For the identification and monitoring of hormonally active substances in different fields, ex. Agriculture
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ISO standardization of the A- YES® – A standardized method for detection of estrogens in water

April 2nd, 2016|Comments Off on ISO standardization of the A- YES® – A standardized method for detection of estrogens in water

There are no limits to testing the estrogenic activity of environmental samples because there is no shortage of estrogen-like substances (ex. Bisphenol A) to investigate and no laws regulating their presence in water. This problem [...]