In 2015, an international interlaboratory study was carried out in the field of standardization with A-YES® , along with the establishment of an ISO standard. To validate the A-YES® for the determination of the LID (Lowest Ineffective Dilution) as well as the EEQ (Estradiol Equivalent Concentration), 14 laboratories participated by analyzing environmental samples and extracts. New_diagnostics GmbH supplied the participants with material, reagents and of course the yeast A. adeninivorans. Our partner company QuoData Gmbh analyzed the resulting data and constructed a detailed report.

The results of the interlaboratory study were presented to the DIN working group in April of 2016 and were greatly appreciated. Due to the excellent response, it was decided to present the results to the ISO committee, together with a recommendation to initiate the next step for the standardization process.  A presentation of the current conditions and an updated standardization draft was proposed to the ISO Committee in Sydney, Australia in September 2016.  As a result, the initiation of the DIS (Draft International Standard) was finalized on an international level. The official title of the A-YES® ISO standardization draft is ISO/DIS 19040-2. The results of the ballot and comments from the ISO members are highly anticipated. The vote begins in March of this year and finalized three months later. The new ISO 19040 standard “Water quality – Determination of the estrogenic potential of water and waste water – Part 2: Yeast Estrogen Screen (A-YES, Arxula adeninivorans)” will be published in October 2017.

You can find an overview of the different states of the standardisation process here.