Körner, M.; Uhlig, S.; Heide, K.; Simon, K.; Kaiser, C.; Kunath, K

Estrogens are a group of steroid compounds, named for their importance in the estrous cycle. It’s function is as primary female sex hormone. Beside the uniquely natural estrogen like 17ß-estradiol, there is a continuous increasing number of estrogen acting products on the market. Examples are the birth control pill and in a few medical and industrial products. All these es-trogene acting products caused an accumulation of estrogens and estrogenic acting com-pounds in the environment, especially in sewage water where they are not completely de-graded. A prevalence of all these estrogenic compounds, however, can disrupt reproduction of organisms, especially in aquatic environments. It is known that the low concentrations of 17ß-estradiol induce vitellogenin synthesis in primary hepatocytes and it promotes feminization in fish species. Furthermore, estrogens are considered to be weak carcinogens for mammalian species.

The full article in: Ryszard Kozlowski, Gennadi Efremovich Zaikov und Frank Pudel (Eds.): Renewable resources. Obtaining, processing, and applying. New York, NY: Nova Science Publ, pp. 79–86