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Bioanalytical solutions for Environment, Food and Medical Technology

The entry of anthropogenic active substances into the environment and their subsequent impact on the health of animals and humans is steadily increasing. We develop high-quality test systems for the detection of hormonally active substances in aqueous samples. Robust, yeast-based biosensors form the basis for our standardized and effect-related systems. At new_diagnostics, we unite the detection and evaluation of aqueous sample toxicity with instrumental analysis.

Our technical experience and background makes us a competent partner for innovative research projects in biosensors and analysis. We help you develop new methods for effect-related residue analysis in backwater, wastewater, waste management, drug analysis for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and environmental and food industries.

In addition to maintaining and enhancing our existing test systems, we are working on developing future-oriented products for all the practical needs of a laboratory.

Our main focus is the development of biological test systems for the detection of estrogenically and androgenically active substances in liquid matrices. Our work with yeast-based biosensors focuses on the development of new assays with various recombinant receptors, e.g. for the detection of steroid hormones (estrogen (hErα), androgen (hAR) and glucocorticoid receptor (hGC), dioxins and dioxin- active substances (hAR) or pharmaceuticals (hPXR)). We offer test kits for laboratory analysis and also provide automated analytical services for your jobs in our certified laboratory in Dresden.

In December 2015, our test system A- YES® was officially certified according to ISO and DIN standards.

We thank all contributing laboratories from industry and research for participating in the interlaboratory study.



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