H.T.M. Pham, K. Kunath, L. Gehrmann, M. Giersberg, J. Tuerk, S. Uhlig, G. Hanke, K. Simon, K. Baronian, G. Kunze

The ‘EstraMonitor’ was developed to provide an automated system for the detection of estrogenic compounds. It can be used for semi-online and continuous monitoring without additional instrumentation. Previously it was used to detect pure estrogenic molecules. In this investigation, the ‘EstraMonitor’ is used to detect the estrogenic activity in five non-pretreated wastewater samples. The ‘EstraMonitor’ employs genetically modified Arxula adeninivorans G1212/YRC102-hERα-phyK yeast cells as the detection component. Both immobilized and non-immobilized A. adeninivorans G1212/YRC102-hERα-phyK cells remained fully functional in a wide range of samples, including samples that contained up to 5% NaCl. The results demonstrate that it is possible to determine the estrogenic effects in environmental samples without the need for sterilization, extraction or concentration. The 17β-estradiol equivalent quotient (bio-EEQ) values in these samples were measured by both biochemical and amperometric methods and were compared to GC–MS analyses (ana-EEQ). The three methods showed a good correlation over a similar detection range.

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